Since RxAuditor Investigate is visual, user friendly, and organized by clinical area, it is very easy for clinical leaders within each area to take ownership for reviewing and documenting assessment of outliers. The message center is useful to communicate within the health system making documentation quick, easy, and confidential. Barbara S Jacobs, MSN, RN-BC, NEA-BC VP Nursing/Chief Nursing Officer Anne Arundel Medical Center
As a division leader, RxAuditor Investigate has allowed me the ability to assess the status of all 14 facilities from one diversion risk dashboard, providing point and click ability to drill down on potential areas of concern.  RxAuditor Investigate is an improved communication tool for the multidisciplinary teams and allows those teams to come to a quicker resolution when outliers are identified. Mike Tiesi RP, FACHE Division VP Pharmacy Services CHI Fargo & CHI Health
RxAuditor Investigate does a fantastic job of taking the top high-risk users of controlled substances in our facility and displays them in an easy to view diversion risk dashboard.  To research diversion is a needle in a haystack, but with RxAuditor Investigate it brings that haystack down to a more manageable size. Being a web-based application, a leader can view the diversion risk dashboard from any computer which facilitates sharing of information and concerns.  It serves as one source of truth for controlled substance diversion concerns at our facility. Sadie B Hammond CPhT Advanced Certified Pharmacy Technician Controlled Substance Audit and Compliance Specialist Technician Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital
Since we began using RxAuditor Investigate, the investigation time and throughput have not only improved in resources used but also in communication between disciplines. Through the RxAuditor Investigate platform, we have decreased the number of persons requiring investigation by 50-75%. Tucson Medical Center’s Diversion Investigation team has been very happy with our involvement in the RxAuditor Investigate platform and it has truly made our hospital a safer place. Zachary Hodges, PharmD, BCCCP Medication Safety Officer Tucson Medical Center
I love the visual aspects of RxAuditor Investigate. I find the assurance metrics section to be exceptionally helpful by comparing the user to their peers. I would like to give RxAuditor Investigate credit for the “aha moment”. Our diversion team (which is multidisciplinary) was very impressed that the two most recent people we had been investigating for possible diversion were confirmed by RxAuditor Investigate.  Well done! Joni Street RPh, BCPS Inpatient Pharmacy Supervisor and Diversion Officer Creighton University Med Center - Bergan Mercy