ScripTrac Analytics

When presented with the task of finding a solution to our nation’s “opioid epidemic,” Medacist answered with ScripTrac.


ScripTrac Analytics Key Facts

An analytics platform focused on provider prescription practice of controlled substances, ScripTrac was architect-ed with an advanced concentration on opioid prescribing. Our expertise in building laser-focused analytics allowed us to design a multipurpose platform to accommodate both healthcare prescriber and administration. ScripTrac offers –


  1. Prescription monitoring
  2. Provider evaluation
  3. Provider benchmarking
  4. Predictive addiction targeting

The ScripTrac analytics platform synergistically melds electronic medical record data, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence machine learning to form a web based application for both healthcare administration and clinicians.

Proactive Drug Monitoring Analytics Platform
  • Prescription Monitoring

    Prescription Monitoring

  • Provider Benchmarking

    Provider Benchmarking

  • Provider Evaluation

    Provider Evaluation

  • Predictive Addiction Targeting

    Predictive Addiction Targeting

Prescription Monitoring

Monitoring prescribing practices from practitioner to patient.

Provider Benchmarking

Comparing providers to peers, patient care areas, across facility, healthcare system, and nationally.

Provider Evaluation

Scoring the provider’s prescribing practices using 25+ evaluation metrics.

Predictive Addiction Targeting

Using our Circumstance Intelligent Analytics (CIA) methodology we are able to bring new value to the prescription monitoring segment.

Via pattern recognition and machine learning models, we’re able to minimize false positives, anomalies, and outliers by abstracting data in a manner that allows for more accurate targeting of addiction.

Statistical evaluation is then done on patient history leveraging 10+ assurance metrics to determine the patient’s “concern level”.

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    people died from drug overdoses in the U.S. in 2016

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    used prescription painkillers in the past year

  • hospitals in the United States with potential for drug diversion

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    of patient care professionals are abusing or dependent on prescription drugs in a given year

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