Celebrating 21 Years as an Industry Innovator!

Our History

Medacist Solutions Group was founded in 1998, as a direct result of extensive consulting projects of its parent company Total Concept Data Services in the healthcare industry. The formation of a healthcare software solutions company was a natural evolution due to an expanding healthcare client base coupled with the unique ability to address a hospital pharmacy’s need for actionable information.

Over the past 20 plus years, Medacist has continued to be a lead innovator in the healthcare industry and has continued to find the solutions to our clients’ needs in the acute care and long term care settings. With the integration of multi-tier delivery systems across the continuum of care, Medacist has expanded its SaaS based analytics platform to encompass the entire medication life cycle: medication procurement, medication prescribing, medication distribution, and medication administration.

Our Mission

Our core initiative is to deliver actionable analytics focused on the medication use process to drive better patient safety outcomes for the clients we serve.

Our Suite of Reporting Services

Genesis Analytics

Genesis Analytics platform is an expert system built on a new engine quantified through a knowledge base comprised of over 20 years of industry exclusive ADS and EMR data from thousands of facilities across the country. This engine powers our machine learning algorithms developed to identify diversion through pattern recognition – learned and confirmed by actual diversion events and enriched by multiple other data sources.

The Genesis Analytics platform is comprised of multiple applications with our first offering being – RxAuditor Investigate – a web-based application that targets risk within the medication-use-process and identify areas of risk across your organization at any level of responsibility – with a single glance, while providing a start-to-finish auditing portal for all members of a diversion risk team.

RxAuditor Analytics

The entire RxAuditor suite of reporting services including; RxAuditor OnDemand, RxAuditor 360 and RxAuditor CPA helps hospitals manage their automated pharmacy dispensing systems more efficiently than ever before. The RxAuditor patented and unparalleled suite of reporting services are known industry wide to be accurate, close to real-time and easy to use.

With the RxAuditor service-based solution, hospitals no longer need to perform the time consuming tasks associated with traditional drug auditing throughout the medication life cycle. RxAuditor transforms archived data from multiple disparaged systems into actionable information that enables a healthcare professional to better measure, monitor and manage the hospital’s pharmacy automated distribution, dispensing, and administration systems.

ScripTrac Analytics

ScripTrac Analytics, delivers healthcare professionals the means to measure and monitor prescribing practices and predict potential patient addiction.

ScripTrac is a web-based platform for both healthcare administration and clinicians that melds together EMR data, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence to form the perfect reporting platform for prescription monitoring. The application learns from previous outcomes in order to more accurately target addiction cases within a provider’s patient population.